Welcome to Turspec

Turspec Pty Limited is a privately owned family business, established in 1982 by Trevor and Kim Siviour to provide consultative advice, contract services and specialised laboratory testing to the sports turf Industry.

The Managing Director Trevor Siviour, comes from a background of family agriculture in the Riverina, NSW, Australia. Completed a tertiary education at the University of Sydney, that resulted in a four year degree in Agricultural Science.

Trevor's academic background has helped to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the specialised field of Turfgrass science and management. The Company has progressively developed improved and cost effective methods of sports turf construction and drainage.

In particular, an extensive tour of the UK in 1989, heralded the first introduction of 'slit drainage' (Cambridge System) and associated machinery into Australia.

If you are looking for practical applications of up to date Turfgrass science, Turspec can help - a Company that's "On the ball - not stuck in the mud".

If you wish to understand the more technical aspects of turf management and in particular sportsturf drainage, please visit our Technical page where your questions will be answered.